Insurance executives – from agency owners to senior executives at retailers, wholesalers, and program administrators–often find themselves without the human resources or counsel to manage deliverables and capitalize on new opportunities. 3XY provides that necessary bandwidth, bench strength and insight that enable our partners to grow their business without eroding their bottom line.

3xy Services

Program Creation/Development

From research and development to carrier placement and launch.

Carrier Procurement

Help identify the best carrier options for your individual programs and products.

Executive Talent Placement

Find the right match for individuals and organizations.

Business Acquisitions

Pinpoint strategic M&A opportunities to expand a firm’s footprint and fuel its growth.

Strategic Planning

Develop strategies and unique distribution channels for an organization to grow their business.


Help insurance firms seize opportunities created by digital transformation.

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3XY Founder Aaron DiCaprio
Named IBA Top Specialty Broker 2020

Aaron DiCaprio has been named by Insurance Business America (IBA) magazine as one of the 50 market experts who consistently went above and beyond to help retail agents secure coverage for niche clients and difficult-to-place risks. Learn more about Aaron’s top honor.

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