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Starting an MGA (Managing General Agency): 3 Important Considerations

June 8, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Starting an MGA can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The more you know about how to start an MGA, the higher your chance of success will be. MGAs, or managing general agents, refer to a general underwriter who is authorized to administer and negotiate insurance contracts for insurers. Think of MGAs as specialized insurance brokers. MGAs are often involved with offering unusual insurance lines of coverage, such as surplus lines...


How to Create an Insurtech Product

May 21, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

As more and more daily processes and business operations are becoming digitized, it was no surprise that insurtech was created. Spawning from fintech (the union of finance and technology), insurtech is the marriage of insurance and technology. It is used to drive cost savings, improve customer experience, and assist in policy management. Many insurtech companies have been able to leverage data analytics, IoT, and machine learning to meet their...


A Closer Look at the InsurTech Concept

April 16, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

For many industries, the incorporation of new technologies has normally led to increases in productivity, innovation, and longevity. Insurance is no different. With the introduction of transformative technologies like smartphones, wearables, and machine learning to the insurance value chain, InsurTech was born.  What is Insurtech? Insurtech is an offshoot of fintech or ‘finance’ and ‘technology’, except with InsurTech the two...

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