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Consulting Plan

Creating a Consulting Plan for 2021

January 21, 2021

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Working as the owner of your own consulting business may often afford you an incredible degree of freedom that not many other lines of work have, giving you the flexibility to create your plans and play by your own rules. However, with this independence comes a responsibility to keep up with rising trends and map out thorough plans to help ensure success in the coming year. You can certainly take essential steps, if you haven't already, like...

Insurance Consultant

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Consultant?

November 26, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Many job seekers are looking at the benefits packages of potential new employers more so than the salary being offered. If you want your agency to have an edge over the competition in landing new clients who are looking to land talented employees, offering quality insurance policies is a key way to do so. Rather than try to navigate clients through the world of insurance on your own, an insurance consultant is an unbiased specialist that can...

Business Valuation Mistakes

5 Business Valuation Mistakes to Avoid

September 17, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Determining the value of a business is critical for every business owner. Business valuation involves a careful review of financial statements, including balance sheets and income statements. Because business circumstances change quickly, information must be current. By reviewing financial information regularly, business owners can more accurately adjust both short and long-term goals. Business valuation mistakes, however, can lead to bad...

Metrics of Hiring

The Metrics of Hiring: Getting it Right the First Time

August 20, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Every aspect of your business is an investment, including hiring new employees. Filling a job opening costs more than just the new employee's salary, too, from advertising and time costs of handling applications to training and workplace integration. The effectiveness of your hiring process is critical, especially as a startup or a growing small business. Understanding the metrics of hiring and recruiting can illuminate where and how this...

Business Partner

Looking for a Business Partner? 8 Tips for Choosing Business Partnerships

August 6, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

In all phases of our lives, choosing the right partner can be a complex process. Whether you are selecting someone to share your life with or finding the right business partner to launch your own company, you want to make sure you choose wisely. Choosing the Right Business Partner - 8 Guiding Principles Without the proper consideration of partner attributes, you could be heading for a messy divorce – or business dissolution – soon...

Business Valuations

Main Types of Insurance Business Valuations

July 16, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Insurance companies share similarities with other types of businesses, but they also have some portfolio items and operating processes unique to the industry. While that can make it difficult to determine the value of an insurance company, studying specific metrics in a financial business' portfolio can shed some light on its profitability. If you're considering purchasing an insurance business, it pays to seek out an insurance...

Business valuation

Key Factors to Consider When Determining Insurance Business Valuation

June 18, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Are you considering purchasing an insurance company? If you are, you may want to reach out to an insurance consulting company with a background in insurance business valuation. Important Valuation Factors for Insurance Businesses Before you purchase a company, you must know if it is profitable, and there are several ways to find out. Some methods are more complicated than others, but with the help of a professional, you can find out the...

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