We’ve put together some typical questions clients ask us. Here’s almost everything you need to know to make 3XY part of your team.


1. What are 3XY’s payment fees?

We offer various payment structures depending on the service we provide. Projects may be billed on an hourly rate based on a pre-determined established number of hours; a finder’s fee (for example, for our Executive Talent Placement and Carrier Procurement services); a set fee; or hybrid of each option. Fee arrangement is predicated on a client’s budget.

2. How do we go about contracting your services?

We like to have an initial call or meeting with you to discuss your needs and our services.  Upon conclusion of our discussions, we’ll send you our Client Services Agreement if both parties wish to move forward with an engagement.

3. Can you provide us with client references?

Sure!  We appreciate your wanting to do your homework on us and are happy to provide client references upon request.

4.  Is 3XY an insurance brokerage?

Although the principal of 3XY holds valid P&C and E&S licenses and can assist in the placement of insurance coverage, the core of 3XY’s services do not focus on selling insurance.

5.  Are 3XY’s services available only in Pennsylvania?

No.  Our clients, partners and network are here in the US and abroad and we’re happy to lend a hand wherever you operate.

6.  Can 3XY assist executives and businesses outside of the insurance industry?

Absolutely!  Drop us a line and we can discuss.

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