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Key Factors to Consider When Determining Insurance Business Valuation

June 18, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

Are you considering purchasing an insurance company? If you are, you may want to reach out to an insurance consulting company with a background in insurance business valuation. Important Valuation Factors for Insurance Businesses Before you purchase a company, you must know if it is profitable, and there are several ways to find out. Some methods are more complicated than others, but with the help of a professional, you can find out the...


A Closer Look at the InsurTech Concept

April 16, 2020

Posted by: Aaron DiCaprio

For many industries, the incorporation of new technologies has normally led to increases in productivity, innovation, and longevity. Insurance is no different. With the introduction of transformative technologies like smartphones, wearables, and machine learning to the insurance value chain, InsurTech was born.  What is Insurtech? Insurtech is an offshoot of fintech or ‘finance’ and ‘technology’, except with InsurTech the two...

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